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Please click here for San Dieguito Equine Group’s New Client form.

Please click here for San Dieguito Equine Group’s Authorization/Consent and Visitation form.


When referring one of your patients to our clinic for imaging, consultation, or surgery, we would appreciate receiving the following information from you:

  • What your patient is being seen for; i.e. NBS, MRI, orthopedic consultation, surgery, etc.
  • Any pertinent information to the visit; i.e. any imaging or diagnostic blocks performed and the results, any lameness work-ups notes, any diagnostics performed, etc.
  • Basic client and patient information
  • If you would like a specific veterinarian in our practice to handle the case, please specify which veterinarian you would like to use.
When we gather this information from you, we will contact your client to set up an appointment date and time. From your client, we will require the following information:
  • Basic horse information (name, age, breed, sex, color)
  • Client information (name, billing, and payment information)
  • Any pertinent information for the horse that may be needed during its stay with us such as behavior traits, hay preference, dietary needs, etc.